2010 Mattress Factory Urban Garden Party

So, last year’s Urban Garden Party (Or UGP if you’re an insider) was off the hook.  And that is a totally unironic usage of “off the hook.”  I mean, it was the party of parties of parties.  Plato would refer to it as the ultimate form of party.  Socrates would just crash said party and piss off everyone by asking question after question after question until we just gave him some damn hemlock and told him it was an exotic shot.

Anyway, this year is also set to be pretty sweet, since Eclectic Method is headlining.  Sounds pretty sweet, huh?  I bet you want in on this, don’t you?

Well, since you obviously do want in on this, you can order tickets here.  And don’t freak out about the price.  Because once you are in, you eat and drink for free.  And drink A LOT.  Seriously, ask Kristin about last year, the free wine from the midget nurse, the stripper pole and the cupcake.

And see, sentences like that are why you WANT to be at this party.

mattress factory urban urban garden party