So I wrote an angry letter to Topman.



As you are such a popular and internationally successful high-street store, I would like to know what your reasoning is behind stocking items such as this.

As someone who has bought Topshop products before, I am concerned that with this slogan Topman is condoning and even encouraging a sexist attitude which I am sure many of your customers find abhorrent. In comparing a woman to a dog, as this product does, you are alienating and degrading not only a huge proportion of the people who buy Topshop products, but also an entire gender. 

If the statement is intended to be ‘ironic’, then I suggest you add similarly ‘ironic’ racist or classist slogans to your t-shirts - perhaps the customers who bought this will find them similarly amusing. However, unless you are exclusively targeting misogynist males, the use of the slogan on a mass-produced, branded t-shirt is dangerous and harmful. To trivialize sexism and make it a fashion statement is regressive. Perhaps gender equality is not your key concern as such a huge company, but given your global influence on style, I would hope that you would not use your platform to belittle and abuse half the population.



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