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  • 16th November
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The Dark Knight received 8 Oscar Nominations.

But with the exception of Heath Ledger’s nomination for Best Supporting Actor, not a single one of those nominations recognizes the cast of the film or the writing team.

Okay, to be honest, I’m not surprised.  While everyone was saying that this might just be the movie to break the glass ceiling the Academy has placed over films that don’t meet a certain criteria of “serious business,” it always seemed to good to be true.  After all, the Academy seems to get hot and sweaty over two hour political thrillers where the biggest action is water condensing on a glass, not over a movie that mixed action sequences with strong character study and asked a great deal from the cast and crew.  And while Ledger’s nomination is in place, it almost feels more like a pity award: the question is “Would this nomination have occurred if Ledger were still alive to accept it?”

The film’s make-up, sound editing, cinematography and art direction are all receiving praise from the Academy, but that’s no shock.  After all, the film was brilliantly shot and even Pirates of the Caribbean 3 landed a make-up nomination.  But the Best Picture Award is saved for the usual: two US-based political movies, something with Nazis, something British and something with Brad Pitt.

…at least WALL-E’s up for Best Original Screenplay?