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  • 14th March
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An Open Letter to Bill Frezza

(In response to this piece on Forbes)

Mr. Frezza, I don’t even know where to begin.

I guess I can start by saying “huh?”  I’m not sure if it was your word-soup of a column or if, in fact, nothing you said made any sense.  Because despite your attempts to do the contrary, all I got out of it was “STOP BEING WHORES AND MAKE BABIES FOR JESUS!”

Though, I do appreciate your allowing homosexuals, transgender people and bisexuals to forgo procreation. But will I need some kind of bisexual ID card in the future if I don’t have children but end up with a male partner?  Just to be sure you approve of my decision not to have children, of course.

You ask Sandra Fluke to show you her furniture in what I can only assume was an attempt at humor.  You also seem to equate “birth control” with “radical feminism” at which point I must ask if you’ve ever in your life used a condom.  A prophylactic, if you’d like. If you have, well then, sir, I would like to welcome you to Team Radical Feminist.

If you haven’t, I’d like to remind you of the number of men who HAVE.  Lots of them.  All the time.  So why aren’t you and your ilk doing your damnedest to attack Trojan?  Or any place that offers free condoms (well, I suppose we can include Planned Parenthood in that, but we both know that’s not why conservatives want it defunded and shut down)  After all, they’re providing men with a way to have consequence free sex, shooting their sperm everywhere they wish without actually risking impregnating a woman.

You try to claim this is all about the family and has nothing to do with misogyny.  That’s obviously not true.  You’re all right with consequence free sex, so long as it’s men that are having it.  Which brings me to this question: who the hell are they going to have their consequence-free sex with?  Each other? 

I notice THAT’S something you don’t address, either.  That these slutty pill-using radical feminists are obviously having sex with someone.  Someone with SPERM.  Who can IMPREGNATE them.

But yet your article doesn’t mention the men having sex with us sluts.  Do you suppose we hunt them down, tie them up and force them to fornicate with us for non-procreative reasons, while they howl in despair “No!  No, I must put a baby in you!”?  No, of course you don’t.  You’re too busy claiming that societal views and expectations of fatherhood have “evolved in symmetry” and that obviously men want to have sex for the making of babies rather than the filthy base reason of PLEASURE.  Especially you upstanding conservative men, none of whom have ever had recreational sex, especially not while committing adultery, possibly with a sex worker…who, you know, would probably be willing to tie you up, if you were into that sort of thing.

Finally: You end your column urging the conservatives to “squeeze a laugh out” of the “radical feminists.”  Look, I already have conservatives wanting to prod my vagina.  I don’t want them squeezing anything while they’re down there, okay?