that people genuinely believe billy magically coerced teddy into falling in love with him is really, really sad, and you are missing the entire point of their relationship

People really think this?

Yes, and that he has somehow magicked himself and Speed into being Wanda’s kids. Which makes even less sense than the official explanation.

Yeah folks. Missing the entire point of characters canon relationships is the job the writers are paid for!

Billy’s character arc for awhile has been dealing with the fact that he is kind of insanely powerful and that power can be incredibly dangerous if he uses it.  I feel like the question that was raised in YA recently by Loki was how can anyone even be sure when he is or isn’t using it?  Billy can alter reality at will and we know that with Wanda she can do so and leave people completely unaware that reality has been altered (see: House of M, obvs.).  The question becomes when someone can warp reality like that, what the hell IS reality and is there even a point to it?  Even better: what if Billy alters reality and doesn’t realize he’s even doing it?

Is reality all it’s really cracked up to be?

On top of that, even if we know that Billy probably didn’t really alter reality so he ended up with Teddy, even planting the idea in either of their heads is a totally messed up and thoroughly Loki thing to do. 

Basically, in the immortal words of Queen: IS THIS THE REAL LIFE?  IS THIS JUST FANTASY?

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Young Avengers (2005) #3 & 6

If you can, I strongly encourage you to get your hands on the letter pages of the original YA run. Because of reasons.

This is heartening, especially after reactions I saw to a post on Marvel’s Facebook page earlier, everything from “keep your liberal politics out of my comics!” to “shoot the writers for putting these f*gs in comics.”

Also, a lot of people claiming they were going to start reading exclusively DC comics in order to “avoid” gay characters.

Also also, a number of people concerned their 8-year-old children would read YA and come to ask them to explain why two boys were kissing.  Call me crazy, but: YA is rated T+, right?  Why the hell does your 8-year-old have a T+ comic?  You bought that for them without checking it out first? Sounds like your problem, not Marvel’s.

Basically, I’m really, really grateful for the Wiccan/Hulkling relationship in general and also because they are adorable together so people need to deal with it.


young avengers marvel marvel comics wiccan hulkling