Don’t have tickets for the Literazzi Prom this Saturday night?  Well, here’s your chance to win a pair!

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Literazzi: Seeking Benefit Donations!

At the end of July, the lovely Kristin Ross is going to be throwing a major shindig (possibly even a hootenanny) for the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council.  And if you’d like, we have a way for YOU to help.

We’re currently seeking donations for a raffle.  All proceeds to benefit the GPLC.  And while we’ve got some kick-ass stuff already, the more we get, the more we raise, the more people learn to read.

We’re looking for pretty much anything.  Do you own/work for a small business that could chip something in?  Know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody?  Have a website that would contribute some free ad space?  Have a random monkey you’re not using?  People LOVE monkeys, you know.

Even if you can’t donate, feel free to pass this info along to anyone you know who might be able to.  Word of mouth, people!

If you’ve got a potential donation idea, e-mail me at newageamazon at gmail dot com and lemme know. 

We’re doing this because WORDS KICK ASS.

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