Dear Richland Senior High School (Johnstown, PA)

I am not your most distinguished alumna.

But for those of you who remember me, you damn well remember I was someone who was big on making a ruckus for what I thought was a good cause.  And guess what?  12 years after you got rid of me, very little has changed about that.

You have made headlines because, after originally allowing a trans student, Kasey Caron, to run for Homecoming King, you have suddenly switched him to the female side of the ballot, citing the fact that he is “legally female.”

Richland High School, things may have changed since the days when my combat boots stomped through your hallways (and to be fair, you’ve built a new school building since then), but I’m curious: when did “Homecoming Court” become a LEGAL appointment?  I mean, does it carry some sort of political power that it did not in the year 2000?  I’m genuinely confused here.

I’m also confused by Tim Levantry’s statement of “It says that if you have male or female, you know, genitalia, things of this nature, you’re one or the other.”  You’re arguing the legality of someone’s gender, ridiculous as it is, and you’re using phrases like “you know, genitalia.”  

That’s, you know.  Almost sounding like you’re debating someone’s gender and you need to reconcile the use of the word “genitalia.”  If you can’t use the scientific terminology for it, why the hell are you making this kind of decision regarding it?

Though, terminology doesn’t seem to be your strong suit, does it?

Throughout the meeting, Leventry and other school board officials repeatedly misgendered Caron, referring to him as “she” and at one point asking his mother, who happens to be a lesbian, “Who are you? Is Kasey your daughter?”

You are better than this.

The place I came from is better than this.  The people there are better than this.  I have to believe that.

And I want you to prove it.

kasey caron richland high school johnstown