'Twilight” in Comic Form: You Had to See it Coming…

So, with all the Twilight mania going on, I’ve been waiting for something and so far have been thanking any deity I could think of that it hasn’t happened yet.  But then, MTV.com had to go and spoil it for me, like they normally do.

Ladies and gentleman: there’s rumors of the possibility of a Twilight graphic novel.

Like I said, I was waiting for it.  After all, graphic novels are the new black, especially as media tie-ins.  I, for one, both thank and blame Heroes for this trend, though I’m sure it goes back further.  But with Heroes, it became apparent the trend would work with people who don’t normally buy comics.  And the industry has been looking to bring in new readers, especially from the pre-teen and teenage demographic that mostly flocks to manga.

So it seems that Twilight: the graphic novel would make sense.  But COME ON.  There’s already a shoddily written series of books and at least TWO movies (the sequel, New Moon, was already greenlit), do we really need the whole story told over again in a graphic novel?

But hey, maybe Stephenie Meyer will write something new, if she can pull herself away from the tear stained pillow she’s been crying into since the manuscript for Midnight Sun leaked onlineMidnight Sun was, of course, Meyer’s attempt to explain Edward’s actions towards Bella in Twilight and why a guy is TOTALLY JUSTIFIED in physically restraining a girl he’s been dating for all of a week when she’s about to do something he doesn’t agree with, and why it’s TOTALLY SWEET that he directly disobeys her when she tells him not to listen to what she’s saying by reading the minds of people around her (if you haven’t read the series?  Bella is the only mind Edward can’t read, presumably because she doesn’t have one of her own.  In the leaked manuscript, this and the fact that her blood smells so good drives Edward into a rage where he’s ready to kill an entire classroom of people over them.  He all but uses the line “And the bitch deserved it for wearing that short skirt and acting stuck up like she didn’t want me!”  ROMANTIC).  But when it was “accidentally” leaked online, Meyer claimed that she had been “violated as an author and as a human being” and that she would not be finishing the novel.

Wow.  She really IS a bad fanfic writer who got her “original” work published.  Right down to the attitude.  I still argue Twilight is My Chemical Romance Mary Sue fanfic with the names and a few genders swapped.

But hey, maybe if Meyer’s “artistic sensibilities” (read: rabid desire for fame) can be reconciled, she might be able to finish up Midnight Sun and hand it off to be converted into comic form.

I nominate Frank Miller to write the comic adaptation.

Basically, if you want to see comic adaptations…actually, massive media tie-ins, for Young Adult Literature done right?  Check out Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars series, which features a graphic novel tie-in called Hatter M.  Oh, and a heroine who doesn’t nearly drown herself in her cereal on a regular basis.

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