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  • 2nd February
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An Unusual Love Letter - Hipstamatic Contest

I’m entered in a Hipstamatic photo contest, so if you wanna go check it out and maybe vote for me if you like it?

The photo is actually of a larger art piece I did back in 2009 as part of my “Dust Covered Roses” project, during which I re-enacted the suicide and funeral of the girl I would have been had I gotten married in 2006.  The actual “suicide” was done as the aftermath: a work on canvas featuring torn up pieces of a suicide note and dried rose petals.  The funeral was a performance art piece followed by a drunken wake…that I got to attend.

How many of you can say you got drunk at your own wake?

Anyway, yeah.  So, that’s the story behind it, go vote if you want.

  • 12th May
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Hey Pittsburgh! Wanna Win Some Music?

Yeah, that’s right.  I’ve got a bunch of promo CD’s and swag kicking around my apartment that I just don’t have the space for.  So, I’m offering people in Pittsburgh the chance to win some of this. 

But see, I’m kind of anti-social and lonely.  So I figured, hey, I can make people TALK to me if I do this.  So here’s how the contest is going to work.

Step 1: Be sure you are following my Twitter (newageamazon) on Saturday, May 15th.

Step 2: Starting at around 1 PM, I give you the name of a Pittsburgh neighborhood, a hint about where I am, and a password or quote you will have to give me when you find me.

Step 3: Find me, give me the quote and I give you your prize package:

As you can see, it contains music, stickers and posters from Free Energy, Codeine Velvet Club AND Minus the Bear

I have 4 of these prize packs to give out, buuuuut I also have some extra stickers and maaaaaybe a little bit more music to get rid of. 

That happens THIS SATURDAY.  May 15th.  So, like I said, be sure to watch my Twitter that day for info on how you can win.

And don’t worry, you can unfollow me, like, right after that.  But if you’d like to stick around, that’s cool too.

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  • 12th November
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Glamour Kills…But It Also Keeps You Toasty Warm!

So it’s that time of year when the weather starts cooling off and, in some places, the snow starts falling.  And it’s beautiful for about two minutes before you realize you’re freezing cold and the road conditions suck.

Well, Glamour Kills is hoping to help a few lucky winners out with at least one of those problems.  They’re teaming with Buzznet to run the Glamour Kills Winter Contest where you can win your choice of two Glamour Kills limited edition hoodies to keep you warm.  And the grand prize winner wins an 8 gig iPod Touch to listen to while you wait for the roads to clear…or when you’re stuck in traffic behind a snowplow.

Head over to enter!  You’ve gotta live in the US and you’ve only got until December 10th to get your entry in.  And don’t forget to visit Glamour Kills on Buzznet!