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  • 27th March
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"Stake" as Double Entendre

(Wrote this originally back in 2008 on a different site, reposting here for posterity)

Random: In the latest Buffy comic they made her a lesbian.
Me: No, they didn’t.  She experimented with another Slayer.  She’s bi-curious.  And that’s how Whedon writes most of his characters. He’s even flat out said that Angel and Spike have fucked.
Random: Oh.  Okay.
Me: Besides, it could be worse.  It could be Frank Miller writing it.



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  • 27th November
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  • 15th October
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Another Way To Breathe: PHONOSALE! Phonogram Comixology Sale



There’s a comixology Phonogram sale on at the moment. That means you can get any individual issue for 99c (69p) and each series together for £2.99. This strikes me as good value.

Here is my entirely impartial buying advice.

Why you Should Buy If You Already Own The Collection


Phonogram for me is part comic (duh), part magical text book (you all know I’m crazy, right?) and part reminder of how hopelessly bad my tastes in music are (sadly they have not improved after reading).  So basically you should go buy this stuff. 

If you need further convincing, here.  Have some of my favorite pages.

  • 5th September
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  • 31st July
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The Goggles, They Do Nothing

You’re reading this, so odds are you know I enjoy geeky things: comics, action movies, video games (even if I don’t play as much as I’d like to), stuff like that.  Odds are you also know I’m more than willing to call out and challenge sexism in all kinds for forms…including when they intersect with those geeky things I like.

And they do.

They do more often than I’d really like to believe, honestly.

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  • 12th June
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  • 10th May
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  • 8th May
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So shocked and sad to hear that The Toonseum here in Pittsburgh was robbed today.  Among what was taken was the director’s laptop, which contained a lot of the planning materials for the upcoming Comics Arts Festival being thrown to celebrate the National Cartoonists Society Conference being held in our city this year.

The Toonseum is an amazing place, it helps to preserve and share comics, cartoons and animation as an artform.  They run classes for students of all ages, bring some great exhibits and artists to the area and throw some pretty damn sweet shindigs.

If you are able to help them out at all in the wake of this robbery, please head to their donation page.  If not, please at the very least pass this message along!

Thank you!

  • 29th April
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  • 25th April
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