Wonders Never Cease

You just have to say the word.  Just say it and claim it for yourself without any kind of tempering or any stipulations to soften the blow.

All you have to do is admit that you’re a feminist and you will be treated to some of the most degrading, insulting and abusive insults you can imagine.  “Bitch” and “feminazi” are the low end of the spectrum. And it goes all the way up to threats of rape, physical harm and even death. 

Not because you’ve done anything.  You’ve hurt no one, you’ve espoused no hurtful views.  You’ve simply said you were a feminist.  That you support the idea of equality between the sexes.

There are people who will hunt down women on the internet who apply that label to themselves specifically to throw those insults at them, to “put them in their place,” to frighten them.  To make them take back that one simple word.  They’re not even necessarily attacking the goal of equality, but they don’t want you to say “feminist.”

It works.  Over and over again you see or hear women say things like “I’m not a feminist, but…” and go on to express a staunchly feminist view point.  Women fervently declining the title over and over.  Don’t you call me that, don’t you say that word, they’ll hear me, they’ll hear you, they’ll make us pay for it.  Women who may want the title, who will own it in their mind are told by those around them not to dare apply it to themselves.  Don’t say that’s what you are.  You know what they’ll think of you.  You want to be liked?  You want a career?  You want good things? Then don’t say THAT WORD.

Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, is not a woman to give into fear.

Wonder Woman would not reject the term “feminist.” 

She would EMBRACE it.

Introduced to a culture that embraces the ideas of equality, but rejects a term that applies to those who fight for it, she would be confused.  She would possible be horrified by this kind of thing in Patriarch’s World.  And I do not believe for one moment she would allow it to stop her.

She would have studied logic, I’m sure.  Feminists believe in equality between the sexes.  I believe in equality between the sexes.  Therefor, I am a feminist.

If you attempt to tell me that Wonder Woman would say she was not a feminist, that she would qualify a statement with “…not really a feminist, but…,” then I will tell you the simple truth.  You do not understand Wonder Woman, what she stands for, who she is.

You dishonor her.

She is a feminist.

I am a feminist.

End of story.

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Question For Female Readers Here


I just had a discussion with a nice, but I think very misinformed guy on Twitter, where he said that the reason so few comics are written by women (I guess he doesn’t count alt comics, webcomics, mini comics and manga as ‘comics’) was because women simply are not interested in writing them.

So I am checking here and on Twitter.

If you identify as female, and you have some aspirations, even far-off ones, to make comics of some kind, can you post here and let us know?

I just am curious if there is a genuine paucity of women wanting into the comics creation business.

HI!  HI!  ME!  HI!  HI!  HELLO!  HI!

Sorry about that.  I don’t exactly make it a secret that I want to write comics some day.  I’ve got multiple scripts in varying stages of finished that I continue to work on, including one that is seriously My Dream Project and is being reserved until I either can’t hold back anymore or, ideally, my name is out there as a creator and I can launch it with some serious pomp (and have access to my dream team of artists to do the book slam-style).  I have indie ideas, I have ideas about licensed comics for the WWE (SERIOUSLY, SHIELD COMIC, I WANT TO DO THIS, GET TO ME ABOUT THIS), I have ideas about existing properties (my growing list of “shit I will be asking DC/Marvel permission to do when they finally bring me on-board).  I have an eventual webcomic about a college for Super Villains (and a long lasting idea about The Real World: Skullcrusher Island).

I have a lot of fear of failure and the worry that I’m going to be impossible for an artist to work with.  But I want to.  I have a desire to do so.  And the fact that I am a lady has nothing to do with the fact that I haven’t yet.

So that dude is butts.

He is mega butts.

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You’re Going To Lose

You’re missing the point. There’s no throne. There is no version of this where you come out on top.
-Tony Stark, The Avengers (2012)

I want to address the gatekeeping boys of geek culture out there.  The ones who try to scare girls off, the ones who send threats, the ones who circle the wagons any time sexism in comics is discussed or critiqued.  The ones who insist that girls don’t read comics, watch action movies, that cosplayers are fake geek girls who want attention, that you don’t count as a fan if you only watch the movies or the TV shows or haven’t watched the entire run of Doctor Who.  The ones who normally send me into a blind rage with their stupidity.

Dear Gatekeeping Geek Guys: you are destined to lose.

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"Stake" as Double Entendre

(Wrote this originally back in 2008 on a different site, reposting here for posterity)

Random: In the latest Buffy comic they made her a lesbian.
Me: No, they didn’t.  She experimented with another Slayer.  She’s bi-curious.  And that’s how Whedon writes most of his characters. He’s even flat out said that Angel and Spike have fucked.
Random: Oh.  Okay.
Me: Besides, it could be worse.  It could be Frank Miller writing it.



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Another Way To Breathe: PHONOSALE! Phonogram Comixology Sale



There’s a comixology Phonogram sale on at the moment. That means you can get any individual issue for 99c (69p) and each series together for £2.99. This strikes me as good value.

Here is my entirely impartial buying advice.

Why you Should Buy If You Already Own The Collection


Phonogram for me is part comic (duh), part magical text book (you all know I’m crazy, right?) and part reminder of how hopelessly bad my tastes in music are (sadly they have not improved after reading).  So basically you should go buy this stuff. 

If you need further convincing, here.  Have some of my favorite pages.

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The Goggles, They Do Nothing

You’re reading this, so odds are you know I enjoy geeky things: comics, action movies, video games (even if I don’t play as much as I’d like to), stuff like that.  Odds are you also know I’m more than willing to call out and challenge sexism in all kinds for forms…including when they intersect with those geeky things I like.

And they do.

They do more often than I’d really like to believe, honestly.

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