"Freelancers Should Just Be Happy To See Their Work in Print!!!!!" Round 1,908,347,234

Paul Carr says that freelancers for sites like the Huffington Post should just be happy that HuffPo is giving them an outlet to promote themselves.  Because, as every freelancer knows, once you’re been promoted to people, the dough just rolls in.

I know that while writing for Buzznet.com for the past few years and using it to link to all of my other endeavors, I’ve seen sales POUR into my Etsy, seen THOUSANDS of hits on this blog as well as The Riot, had book deals thrown at my e-feet and been named one of the top young writers in America.

Oh, except for the part where NONE OF THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

No fault to Buzznet, of course.  And hell, I’m even lucky in that regard: they pay me to freelance.  A lot of the other freelance gigs I’ve taken under the promise of “It’s good promotion” have failed to yield many results other than giving me a chance to write somewhere (usually fun) and occasionally free concert tickets (also usually fun, unless I’m being elbowed in the tit by a 15-year-old Cobra Starship fan).  

Basically: Paul Carr can eat all the dicks.  But he should feel good: I wrote this little article up for free!  AND I’m helping to promote his book that’s coming out!  Isn’t that GREAT, Paul?

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