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Snarking Out: All Will Suffer the Wrath of the Twitter Demon! #Twitterdemon

Rumor is that the WWE is looking to ink a deal with Twitter.  They already talk constantly (and obnoxiously) about Twitter on their shows and have continued/hyped feuds via the personal Twitter accounts of Superstars and Divas.  So what’s next?

I have to ask you folks, do you remember WCW in 1999?  I mean, clearly remember, I’m assuming some of you haven’t blocked out those traumatic memories.

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  • 29th July
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A "VIP" Experience or How I Didn't See All Time Low on July 17th, 2009

There seems to be this belief among people, including my friends and family, that being a concert reporter is this extremely glamourous, exciting, VIP experience. And sometimes it can feel that way.

But it rarely feels that way at an actual concert. Well, exciting, yes, but glamourous?…

  • 10th June
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Geek Pick-Up Lines

So, one of today’s trending topics on Twitter was #geekpickuplines. Here is a collected list of my contributions:

  • As Yoda would say “Nice shoes you have, fuck me you should.”
  • I can’t make you a summoner, baby, but I can make your horn rise >:)
  • Forget the dungeon, you and I should move straight on to the boss fight
  • Now keep in mind I can’t control when the sex begins or ends. Because I used those special parts to build my robot friends
  • Touch me like I’m a Nintendo DS
  • Make me scream like I’m Dinah Lance
  • Marty, you have to go down…on my clit!
  • The Justice League isn’t around, but you can still play with my Wonder Twins
  • Wanna read my flavor text, baby?
  • Tonight I’ll be your Khaleesi, but tomorrow night you’re my Red Viper. I
  •  think you’re my epic destiny
  • My name’s Betty and I’m on the rebound.
  • Baby, I won’t just rock your world, I will rock your MULTIVERSE.
  • I’ve got Mountain Dew flavored lube.
  • Neta sa mega y lrulupu, pedlr! (Note: this is al bhed for “Ride me like a chocobo, bitch!”)
  • I kiss like Jean Grey, but I fuck like The Phoenix.
  • I’ll fuck you harder than the Kobayashi Maru

And my personal favorite: Baby, I love you so much that if Joss Whedon were writing our romance one of us would be dead by now.